Enabling Low Power Computer Vision on Edge Devices

Low Power Vision

Battery powered devices are required to last multiple years to minimize battery replacement. Our platforms are designed to perform at typical CV tasks in the 1mW range, which is an order of magnitude less than other solutions. Such a low power envelope is achieved by understanding the use case followed by tightly coupled hardware/software design. As a result, our solutions are capable of running on coin cells, solar or other energy harvesting devices to enable indefinitely long and maintenance free operation.

Our expertise in low power hardware enables us to develop on-device ML solutions that meet your needs.

On Device Neural Networks

Most currently available CV enabled IoT devices such as smart cameras, capture images after a trigger (such as motion sensing) and ship them to the cloud for further processing. This approach can lead to higher power, latency and privacy concerns as compared to processing the images on the edge device. Our solutions allow data extraction using Neural Networks on the edge device to preserve privacy, reduce latency, power and bandwidth. Crowdfunding now, click on the CrowdSupply logo below to get more details...