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tinyCLUNX33 System on Module - MIPI to USB Connector

tinyCLUNX33 System on Module - MIPI to USB Connector

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A MIPI to USB connector solution. This production ready System on Module is tightly integrated with the Lattice CrosslinkU-NX33 device to significantly reduce customers Time To Market. RISCV+Zephyr OS, MIPI, USB2/3 PHY for Robotics, Smart cameras, Machine vision and other USB3 applications.

This System on Module solves the MIPI to USB connector issue by creating a high bandwidth USB pipe to the host computer from the camera MIPI output. 

Contact for more details.

Typical Applications

  • Robotics, automotive, industrial applications
  • Camera aggregation
  • Camera-USB bridging
  • AI processing on the edge for smart cameras

2 Flavors

  • Connectivity: 14 differential pairs, no SSRAM
  • Compute: 6 differential pairs, 32MB 0.5GBps SSRAM

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