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tinyCLUNX33 Developer Kit - MIPI to USB

tinyCLUNX33 Developer Kit - MIPI to USB

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This MIPI to USB converter developer kit is a carrier for the tinyCLUNX33 SoM MIPI to USB Connector that eases product development and debugging.


  • All SoM pins exposed, additional probing and voltage pins
  • USB3 at 5 Gbit/s integrated with a Type-C port controller
  • GPIO LED's and push buttons
  • FTDI chip for JTAG, Flash SPI, UART access over USB


  • 2 × USB-C connectors for the FPGA 5 Gbit/s interfaces and FTDI debug.
  • 2 × QSE expansion connectors for adapter boards, Syzygy compatible.
  • 0.1" headers for JTAG, SPI flash, I2C, GPIO.
  • Power measurement series resistors on all power rails.

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